susan mullally • photography

What I Keep

This work explores ideas of class, race, ownership, value, cultural identification and faith. I collaborate with members of The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, Texas, a non-denominational, multi-cultural Christian church that has been meeting under Interstate 35 for seventeen years. Many of the people have had significant disruptions in their lives, experienced periods of homelessness or incarceration, addiction to drugs and alcohol, mental illness or profound poverty and hopelessness. Many are working toward a new measure of stability and accomplishment through the programs and opportunities offered through the church. Other members have more stable lives and are drawn to service at the Church Under the Bridge. I ask each person what he or she keeps and why it is valued.


This is a collaborative project that is in the fourth year (2007-2011) and has produced 60 images. The work is a series of life size portraits (32"x46") with brief statements about the person’s choice. My portraits are made under Interstate 35 on Sunday mornings.


What I Keep was published by Baylor University Press, September 2011.